Best Places to Visit in Bali


BaliWhen it comes to the best place for tourism in Indonesia, Bali can be the best place. This Island is well-known of the tropical paradise which offers many great attractions and beautiful panoramas. Bali is known as the best place for those who want to visit the tropical tourism, such as: beaches, marine tourism and the others. Besides that, this island is also popular with the island of Gods. There are many the traditional cultures which are influenced by the Hinduism belief. Since this island is known as the island of Gods, there are many temples which can be seen there.  In the terms of the great tourism objects, this island offers the attractive objects of tourism and some of them are presented below.

One of the attractive places which can be visited while you are in Bali is Sanur Beach. This beach is so well-known worldwide. The location of the beach is in the southeast Bali, one of the village in Denpasar. This place is so popular for the adult tourists. The sanur Beach also offers the great beach where the beach is kept clean.  Besides the beach, Sanur is also well-known with the several historical places and one of them is Balnjong Temple. In there, you can see the bearing inscription from the ninth century. Besides that, if you are art lovers, you can also visit the Le Mayur Musem which show the Balinese paintings from Adrien Le Mayeur, an Belgian artist.

Besides the Sanur beach and the historical sites in Sanur Bali, you can also visit Nusa Lembongan Island when you are visiting Bali. This island belongs to one of the islands in Bali. This small island is located off the southeastern of the Bali Island. This island is quite small therefore the tourists do not need the vehicles to walk around this island. This Island is well-known with the day trip destination which has attracted most tourists to come there.

Another place which can be visited in Bali is Kuta beach. This beach is also popular for the tourists, especially for the young tourists. This beach is also popular because this place is so suitable for surfing since the year of 1970s. This place belongs to one of the most-visited places in Indonesia. This beach is located at the Kelurahan village and this place is also well-maintained so that you can do everthing in this beach conveniently. Besides that, Kuta is also well-known with its nightlife. You can find many music performances in every nights.